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The journey we are taking in life has posed and will continue to pose questions that we as individuals and a intelligent collective must answer or attempt to answer. Although we may fail in providing good answers, we must keep discovering and answering until a good fit is made. Then we can call this learning and also grow in a good way. In this sense, solutions are never black and white but come in all degrees and are never static. Humanity must quit making the same mistakes repeatedly or else it will be too late to do anything at all. We may be at that critical point now but we can't give up. Change is not always good but can be. Nothing is unknowable and our reality is only as close as our minds allow. In other words, there is no "good" reason why humanity can't have all the beautiful things of life and bounties of the earth in perpetuity and fairness.  Headsails School and this website are dedicated to that idea.

This is a school fueled and surrounded by LOVE, COMPASSION, ANTI-CAPITALIST and ANTI-WAR SENTIMENT. If you have concerns about fear, poverty, injustice and suffering, there is no better place than Headsails School to explore and understand these concerns. Here you will learn from and have access to world-class knowledge, guest speakers, and icons of wisdom. You’ll also spend each day learning from talented, diverse, engaged people who will teach you more than you can imagine about dignity, hope, empowerment and awareness.

This is not a business school but moves to deconstruct and re-apply the precepts or directives of business in a way that eventually eliminates for-profit motives of business, the destructive consequences of capitalism while maintaining a bustling and thriving global business atmosphere. Emphasis is placed on business cooperatives, local business autonomy, and self-determination.

Know history, get informed, make decisions. 

Escape the imposed ignorance of a crippling education, political and economic system. 

This website is a work-in-progress and may be in a an incomplete state of revision.  

Additional dedication goes to Nancy R. for her eternal love and gracious heart.